Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Paper plate Angry Birds craft

 Paper Plate Angry Birds

In honor of "Angry Bird Week," we decided to create our own Angry Bird decorations. It is super easy and your kids are sure to enjoy it if they are Angry Bird fans.

All you need:
Several Paper Plates
Paint or Markers
Construction Paper

Prep before the activity:
If you have a young child, it is best to go ahead and cut out the beaks, eyes, eyebrows and feathers for each bird. My daughter would have been incredibly frustrated with this. So I did it before hand. I just use yellow, white, orange, red, and black construction paper.

First Step:
The first step is to color the paper plates (If making the speed bird (yellow) make sure to cut the paper plate into a triangle shape.) Also keep in mind that some of the birds have white bellies. You can keep them white on the plate, or glue on a white belly if you forget. I did when we were making the red bird.

We did a combination of painting and coloring the paper plates.

Second Step:
Wait for paint to dry. If you didn't use paint you can skip this step.

Third Step:
Now it's time to glue on your birds faces. Your child should be able to do this part with minimal assistance (depending on age).  

Here are some of the birds completed:

When they were finished we put them on the playroom wall using tacks.

She was so proud of her birds!

I hope your kids love this little activity too. :)

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~ Elizabeth ~

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