Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Educational and creative fun with masks

This week we are gearing up to celebrate Purim this weekend, February 23rd and 24th. What is Purim? So, this week most of my activities that I share will be Purim related. However, I think those who don't celebrate Purim may still enjoy the ideas I share. :)

Today I have three activities to share with you. During Purim, it is customary for children to dress up in costumes. So, I decided to make some masks with Pumpkin and then use them for an educational activity.

Before we started, I cut out 6 masks out of cardstock paper. I also gathered materials to use for decorating the masks. We used pom pom balls, jewels, table scatter, crayons, glitter, glue and hot glue (I worked the hot glue gun..)

Pumpkin had SO much fun decorating her masks...

After they were decorated, we left them to dry for a bit before moving on to the next activity.

While the masks were drying, I gathered the materials for the next activity. At Michaels I purchased a bag of colorful feathers. For the first activity, I made number word cards for numbers 1-5. In a cup I put 15 feathers. Using the number word cards as cues, she put the appropriate number of feathers on each mask.

Completed masks
For the second activity, I made color word cards for each mask. In the cup, I placed 3 feathers for each color for her to sort.

Completed Masks
Pumpkin had a ton of fun with this activity.. Her favorite part was playing with the feathers.. :)
~ Elizabeth

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  1. What a fun idea! You can use this for Mardi Gras as well.

    Carla M (http://pinterest.com/carlaroni/)